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Cardio Only Half the Story

You can do cardio to lose weight, but to get the sexy, firm, curves you want, you need Resistance Core Strength training.  For years, aerobics or cardio training alone were preferred by many individuals over strength training. Many of these individuals may not have appreciated that you need to incorporate strength training to get the sexy contoured body that you want. Recent scientific research on resistance strength training has established dozens of additional benefits, such as an increased metabolic rate, stronger bones, increased balance, reduced injury, greater aerobic sports performance, etc. Research has shown that strength/resistance exercise increases muscular [...]


“The real-world benefits of strengthening your core”

– Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School – According to a Harvard Medical School publication, your core muscles serve as “the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.”  Any motion from house work to sports movements originate in your core, or moves through it, so “a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do.” The paper describes how a strong core is important for every activity, including everyday tasks, on-the-job tasks, sports and other pleasurable activities, housework, fix-it work, gardening, and balance and stability, as well as having a healthy back and overall good posture. [...]


Cellular Level Study Shows That Strength Gains Can Be Made At Any Age

Adding to the wealth of data that muscle can be regenerated at any age with resistance training, a study published in the Journal of Gerentology shows that resistance training effectively increases muscle mass and strength in healthy elderly men aged 65-85 years old (J. Gerentol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2009. Vol. 64A, No 3, 332-339). The researchers measured height, body mass, leg volume, strength, computed tomography, performed dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans, took muscle biopsies and blood samples, and collected dietary records before, during and after a 12-week resistance training program. The subjects showed a 25-30% increase in one [...]


CoreXT46’s Kinetic Resistance is Superior to Professional Gym Machine Free Weights

It may sound surprising, but kinetic resistance bands have many benefits over traditional free weights and weight machines. One primary difference is that weights only provide significant resistance when being lifted against gravity. For example, when completing a biceps curl with a free weight, at the top of the movement the weight is moving horizontally or even falling toward the shoulder, not being pushed against gravity. Kinetic resistance bands, on the other hand, actually increase their resistance over the entire range motion, often maximizing their resistance at the same phase of the range where it is needed the most, [...]


“Weakened Spine Core Muscles Could be the Cause of Astronauts’ Back Pain”

– Times of San Diego – Over half of U.S. astronauts report spine pain during their missions.  New findings show that contrary to prior belief, these effects may be caused by weakening of the muscles that support the spine, rather than disc swelling, as had been previously thought. As in the general population, back weakness is one known risk factor for low back pain. According to lead researcher Dr. Douglas Chang, Ph.D., “core-strengthening exercises recommended for patients for back pain on Earth might be a useful addition to the astronaut exercise training program.”  Traditionally, NASA exercise protocols have not specifically [...]