Four Things the Fitness Industry Got Flat Wrong

Four Things the Fitness Industry Got Flat Wrong

Based on an article in the Daily Details by fitness writer K. Aleisha Fetters, who interviewed personal trainer and Mindfuel Wellness co-founder Jacquelyn Brennan, C.S.C.S., the fitness industry has previously been “flat-out wrong” in at least four key areas.  But the times are changing!

First, cardio, or aerobic exercise, is not the “King of Training.” Based upon a twelve-year Harvard Medical Study of over 10,000 participants published in Obesity (2015) 23, 461-467, the article reported that “…guys who spent 20 minutes a day lifting weights put on less belly fat than those who performed cardio for 20 minutes a day.” It is not enough to check off your cardio minutes each week. Experts are now recognizing the importance of strength training, supplemented by cardio for extra calorie burn, for long-term health and fitness.  The article continues “cardio builds far less muscle and, in some cases, can actually contribute to muscle losses, not gains.”

Second, Ms. Fetters reports that if you have healthy knees, it is ok to “let your knees eek past your toes” when performing squats, contrary to common cautions. Doing so can generate extra strength in critical areas.

Third, it is ok, and even beneficial, to squat past parallel.  Low squats provide a fuller range of motion, burn more calories, and recruit more muscle fibers.

Fourth, rather than stretching before a run, save static stretching time for afterwards, in preference for dynamic stretching prior to your workout.

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