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Exercise Professionals Who Were Surprised After Trying The CoreXT46

John Walker (Former-NFL player)

“ I have many pieces of Selectorized equipment, one of which focuses on the core, because I know that core is the primary emphasis in any strength or conditioning program. That one particular piece cost roughly $8,000 or so. It was my favorite piece – until now.  The CoreXT46 out performed my machine and challenged core muscles I didn’t know I had.

Mark Muñoz (Former MMA Middleweight Contender, NCAA Wrestling National Champion)

“As a former MMA middleweight contender and NCAA wrestling national champion, I know how important it is to have a strong core, and with all my workouts, 5 to 6 hours a day, what was one of the most important workouts for me was my core.  Having a strong core is vital to having the power to either control, escape, reverse, or finish the fight.  But outside the cage, it is vital to having a better quality of life.  You engage your core with every movement in life.  I highly recommend the CoreXT46 for anyone who wants to develop a strong core.”

Robert Burns (High End Gym Owner)

“I own over $1 million of fitness equipment in our health club, and the CoreXT46 can take four of those pieces of equipment that can cost as much as $20,000 and have it in one simple piece of equipment.”

Shawn Russell (Athletic Instructor and Athlete)

“ I work professionally as an athletic instructor.  The CoreXT46 is an extremely practical machine. I am truly impressed by its ability to target over forty-six muscles in my core and my arms. I can simultaneously work all of these upper body muscles to get a great workout in a very short period of time.”

After a 10 Week Consumer Focus Group Using The CoreXT46,
The Response Was Significant

Mark (Dentist)

“I’m somebody who’s worked out in the past in the gym, and for me there were always three or four different exercises I would do for my stomach specifically, and then another couple I would do for my back. I thought that was the core for me. Using this CoreXT46, I can feel it doing all of that, and more, when you work in front of a mirror, you can see your arm muscles pulling, your biceps pulling. I can totally feel this whole segment on my body engaged.”

Robert S. (Age 78)

“For the past 5 years I have struggled with the painful after-effects of spinal osteomyelitis and open-heart surgery. A review of my physical condition, after leaving the hospital, by a spine expert, indicated that my problem could not be corrected with surgery. I was advised that my only hope for some relief would come from strengthening the muscles in my back. He prescribed non-impact exercises. I now swim 3 days and walk (with a walker) 3 days each week. While these activities have helped some, I still find that getting out of bed each morning is a chore! It is also nearly impossible to stand up from a sitting position and, almost always, requiring assistance. Often times the back pain is unbearable!

But three months ago I began using the Core46 at the #1 resistance level. I am now using it at the #3 level. The results I have experienced, so far, include feeling stronger in my back and abdomen, being able to stand up without assistance, walking without my cane and feeling far less back pain. I wish I could say that the pain is completely gone, but it is not, yet. I’m confident it will, with continued Core46 workouts.

Using the Core46 will never remove my physical disability but is improving my ability to deal with it.”

Kyle (Financial Advisor)

“I’ve obviously gotten stronger and the core muscles have gotten so much stronger that my military press has gone up, my bench-press has gone up and I have more endurance too. It hit muscles that I wasn’t able to hit before!!”

Christopher (Business Consultant)

“To have a CoreXT46 body is absolutely life changing. I have worked out all my life, I’ve eaten right pretty much all my life, but I’ve never worked my core in this way. I can’t believe the difference!! It works 46 muscles, the front, the back, and the sides.”

Yvette (Receptionist)

“The CoreXT46 has given me more definition from head to toe. I feel that when I go for a run, especially uphill, I can really tackle it quickly and for a long distance and time.”

Joy (Singer)

“After using it for four minutes, I’m sweating. Doing the CoreXT46, I get to target the muscles that I want to improve, which are so difficult, and I get to do it in a very short amount of time. Four minutes.”

Paul (Designer)

“I was surprised that I got stronger in places that I didn’t even know I needed to get stronger in. I’m working all 46 muscles at one time. How is that possible? I know they put a lot into the engineering and the development of this, but it hits the mark, because I’m feeling it all over the middle of my body and my arms. 46 muscles, 1 machine. I don’t have to go to the gym anymore. I love it.”

Maria (Real Estate Agent)

“Before using the CoreXT46, I actually had no clue that we had 46 core muscles. I think having a strong core can take you into your seventies and eighties feeling strong and tall. I can get that look without having to go to the gym.”

Irene (Dancer)

“I didn’t exactly know what my core entailed. So I thought it was just my abs, but apparently its more than just abs, its 46 muscles that belong to my core. At first, I didn’t believe that one device could work 46 muscles, but after using it for a period of time, I started feeling my muscles in my back and my shoulders, in my arms, as well as my abs.”

LJ  (Dietician)

“So since I started working with the Core XT I’ve noticed that I can swim more laps. I find that I can do more challenging poses in yoga using my core, and I find that even sitting down for long periods of time are actually well tolerated, versus before it was a menace and I had to get up and move around because of the pain in my lower back.”

Dr. Stephen P. (Age 72)

“I have been using the Core XT for three weeks now, about three times per week. Because it only takes 4 minutes I can easily fit in a work-out before breakfast and it stores easily in my hall closet which makes it convenient to access. It has an attractive design and sets up within seconds and is ready to go.
Since starting the system I am feeling a strengthening and tightening in my abdominal area and I really like the feeling in my biceps and lats thatI get all from just one session. I am very impressed with the construction of the machine and feel that it is well worth the price for something that actually does what it proposes and is so easy to convenient to use.”

William S. (Age 70)

“After 3 back surgeries, my doctor prescribed CORE muscle strengthening as my only option for dealing with low back pain. Since I don’t like going to gyms, I was discouraged. Then I was introduced to this new portable core machine that I could use at home. After only 2 months of faithful Core46 workouts I realized I could get out of bed in the morning without any low back pain, none at all. Gone also was the heavy doses of OTC type pain pills. It was for me – a true miracle! I didn’t understand how it was happening but I was very grateful that it was. Strengthening all my core muscles was just what the doctor ordered.”

Jim W. (Age 57 – Ironman Triathlete)

“I’ve been training 2-3 times a week with the Core XT 46 for a couple months now and have noticed significant improvements in overall strength and power that I can only attribute to increased core strength. The fact I can use the Core XT, at home, every couple of days in just four minutes is why it’s easy for me to stay consistent. And by the end of those three sets, I’ve literally broken a sweat and feel like I’ve done a major weights session. On top of everything, as a 58-year-old, I’m noticing a lot more definition in my abs – something I haven’t seen since my late 20s.”

Nancy H. (Age 61)

  “The CORE XT46 was easy to set up. This was the perfect resistance for me with lots of room for further strengthening. I found it worked all the muscle groups. This is an excellent machine for at home workouts! Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”

Ronnie (Apparel Consultant)

“I’ve been using the CoreXT46 for about two months now, and it has seemed to transform my body. When you use the CoreXT46, you’ll feel it in this region of your body, your core.”